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Card Force Using Inserted Gimmick Card

In his “The Prophecied Leaper [sic],” Jack McMillan used a half card glued to the back of the Guarantee Card to force a card, then made it disappear from the portion of the deck in which it was seen. This trick was included by William Larsen and T. Page Wright in The L.W. Card Mysteries, n.d. (c. 1928), p. 11 of the second edition. This predates Tom Sellers's better-known use of the gimmick in “Forced Prognostico” from The Jinx, No. 79, Feb. 10 1940, p. 517. See “The Opportune Miracle” by Ed Marlo in The New Tops, Vol. 7 No. 3, Mar. 1967, p. 4, for his improvement on the gimmick.