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Chosen Card Found Reversed in Pack

This trick appears in Edwin Sachs's Sleight of Hand, 1885, p. 104, under the title of “The Reversed Card”. The method is a Half Pass of the selection, followed by a Pass to center it in the pack.

The effect also appears in Stanyon's Magic, Vol. 4 No. 3, Dec. 1903, p. 31, titled “Chosen card Found Reversed in Pack”. The method is that the selection is returned to a deck that is secretly turned face up under a face-down cover card. The later variation of a spectator's selection and the magician's both turning up was contributed by Walter B. Gibson to The Jinx, No. 77, Jan. 1940, p. 505, under the title “Double Reverse.” However, another two-person version was conceived by Jack Vosburgh in the 1930s and was eventually published in his booklet More Than a Trick, 1941, p. 14, titled “About Face.”